Eliza Doolittle could have ''fun'' with her own fashion line.

The 'Skinny Genes' hitmaker is known for her itsy bitsy shorts and skimpy crop tops and she admits her flesh-flashing attire has proven such a hit with designers, she has been approached her to launch her own funky collection.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: ''I don't know if I started if off [skimpy ensembles] but some people have said that.

''Fashion goes hand-in-hand with music but I'm always going to be myself.

''Some people have brought up the idea of me designing. It's something I'd have a lot of fun with.''

The 25-year-old singer admits she doesn't mind stripping down to flaunt her enviable figure as long as she feels confident in what she's wearing.

She explained: ''I don't mind being naked in my own environment

''I don't set boundaries when it comes to fashion, as long as I'm comfortable.

However, she insists she'll never been seen in something she wore three years ago unless she really liked it.

Eliza added: ''If I was still wearing the same as three years ago I'd be really bored. Although if I like something, I get it in every colour.''