When Captivity was screened for critics in London last month, it received the kind of sneering reviews that producers probably expected would be repeated in the U.S. For example, Rocco Landesman wrote in the Sunday Times: "If you want to see the sexy blonde from 24 (Elisha Cuthbert) held captive in a dungeon by a psycho and subjected to various disgusting torments, then rush to see Captivity. Alternately, seek psychiatric help." (The review was reprinted today -- Friday -- in the New York Post.) Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian newspaper called the film "nauseating" and suggested that every theater showing it "should have little bottles of Listerine on sale along with the nachos and popcorn to get rid of the dodgy taste." David Edwards in the Daily Mirror rated Captivity "one of the worst films of the year, or possibly any year."