Elisha Cuthbert - The new comedy series 'Happy Endings' starring Elisha Cuthbert is set to premiere on ABC tonight. The show marks an acting departure for Elisha Cuthbert, who is better known for her gritty drama roles, reports the Kansas City Star.
Cuthbert stars alongside Eliza Coupe and Adam Pally in the comedy series, which follows a group of six close friends whose lives are turned upside down when Cuthbert's character calls of her wedding. Most recognised for her role as 'Kim Bauer' on 24, the actress insists she was a little nervous making the move into comedy, saying, "I had some anxiety because most of my work on television had been with 24, and I was used to that element. Once I got on the set, I felt like this was a good place for me. I felt comfortable". Despite her anxiety, Cuthbert admits that she is looking forward to testing herself in a new genre.
Elisha Cuthbert claims she has not turned her back on feature films and hopes to appear in movies more regularly in the future. She had roles in the British movie 'Love Actually' as well as the drama 'The Girl Next Door. She also starred in a number of independent movies such as 'Captivity' and 'He Was A Quiet Man'.