Elisha Cuthbert ''absorbed everything'' she could from working with Kiefer Sutherland.

The 29-year-old star appeared in the first three seasons of '24' alongside Kiefer when she was still a teenager, and took in as much as possible from the seasoned Hollywood star.

She said: ''I absorbed everything I could from Kiefer, especially as far as work ethic is concerned. On '24' he was a lot older than me and in a different place in his life. I was still a kid, so I wasn't going to start hanging out with him, I just worked with him.''

Although she finished filming the show some years ago, Elisha still gets recognised in the most unlikely places because of the globally successful series.

She added to The Sunday Times newspaper: ''It's strange being famous in places like Slovakia. This woman came up to me in a shopping centre in Bratislava and told me how much she loved '24'. I was completely taken aback, it was so weird.

''Another time I was zip-lining in Mexico and a woman came up to me and recognised me - It was a forest in the middle of nowhere. But it happens when you're on a show that's so big.''

Elisha now stars in comedy series 'Happy Endings'.