24 star Elisha Cuthbert has been handed the first season pass to her favourite late-night TV show after revealing she's a big fan.
The Canadian actress shoots new show The Forgotten just yards away from where comedian George Lopez tapes his show - and on her first appearance on Thursday night (28Jan10) she confessed she has often attempted to sneak past security to join the audience.
Cuthbert, who plays Kiefer Sutherland's daughter on 24, told Lopez she was particularly upset when she failed to get access to his show when her idol Mariah Carey and crush David Beckham were guests.
She told the host, "If I can get a free pass to come here and sit in the audience any time I want I will love your show forever."
Cuthbert then screamed when Lopez produced a season pass.
He revealed, "This is the only one in existence. We had it made. They told me you were a huge fan... You are welcome 24/7."