Stunning star Elisha Cuthbert was left horrified after catching someone filming her as she stepped out of the shower.

The 24 actress, currently starring as a pornographic star in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, was staying in a hotel whilst filming in Canada when she spotted the pervert - but was unable to catch the offender.

She says, "I was staying at this hotel and had just come out of the shower with a towel wrapped around me. I remember looking over and seeing that my blinds were open.

"I went to close them, but when I did I saw this guy with a video camera in the next building! At the time, Denzel Washington was filming John Q and Angela Bassett and a lot of other people were staying in the hotel, so maybe it wasn't directed at me.

"But the hotel couldn't do anything to stop this guy. It was really bad."

22/04/2004 13:34