LEAVING LAS VEGAS star Elisabeth Shue is revisiting the most painful part of her childhood in new movie GRACIE - by recounting her teenage soccer career.

The actress is producing the new film, which mirrors her own experiences as a teen trying to overcome the death of her brother.

She explains, "The story is about a girl who was 15 and is a great soccer player but she's never had a place to play. Her oldest brother is the star of the town soccer team and he dies in the beginning of the film.

"I lost my oldest brother when he was 27. Gracie grew up with three brothers and I grew up with three brothers. When her brother dies in the movie she wants to honour him, so she plays in his place on the boy's varsity team.

"It's loosely based on different aspects of our lives."

And Shue made the project a family affair - her brother ANDREW plays the coach of the boy's soccer team.

She adds, "It's really exciting to tell a story that means so much to us."