Actress Elisabeth Shue has launched a campaign to find an actress to play her in a movie based on her life.

The COCKTAIL star and her younger brother ANDREW are co-producing GRACIE, a film based on her achievements as the first girl on an all-boys' soccer team - and she's searching the US for an unknown to portray her as a teen.

She says, "We grew up in New Jersey and I was one of the first girls to play soccer, because there was no girls' soccer in the late '70s. So I played for four years on all-boys' teams."

Andrew continues, "This has been a real family passion for us. Lisa's husband DAVIS is directing the film, our brother JOHN is working on all the business aspects of it. The state of New Jersey's got involved and GATORADE and CHRYSLER.

"It's really been amazing all the people that have gotten involved in this. And we're looking for this amazing girl who will play the lead and we've set up a whole website, Finding Gracie. She needs to look 16 she can be older than that... We need to see whether you can act and play soccer, that's the key thing."

Elisabeth, who is currently deciding whether to play Gracie's mother or the lead character as an adult, will also touch on the sudden accidental death of her older brother WILL in the film.

She adds, "It is one of the main reasons we're telling story. The story is about a young girl who's 15 who loses her oldest brother who is the captain, and so in his honour she wants to make the boys' varsity team... I feel like, in so many ways, I followed my dreams because of him."

01/04/2005 21:00