LEAVING LAS VEGAS star Elisabeth Shue has joined the ranks of Hollywood's cleverest minds after completing a political science degree at Harvard University.

The actress took a year out of her acting career to finish the degree she started at Wellesley College long before she became an actress.

She says, "I needed to finish at Harvard and I had one semester left. It was just something I had to do which I felt was important to complete.

"Frankly I was really looking forward to a break and reinvigorating my mind and learning and just to see what it was like to go back to school as a woman, and how would I respond to learning.

"It was really good to want to be in school, to choose your classes - because they're difficult. I chose the best classes and had the most incredible professors and I had so much work but I welcomed it because I was old enough to know that that's what it's all about."

11/01/2005 21:16