Actress Elisabeth Shue has finally come to terms with her future as a supporting actress - after her turn as leading lady in flop 1997 movie THE SAINT received a critical mauling.

Shue insists she's happier since she gave up her struggle to be the central female in movies, because she can spend more time with her family.

And she now believes supporting characters are more fun to play then leading roles, because they don't have to be as convincing.

She explains, "I've given up on worrying, finally. Now I'm enjoying doing supporting roles more than I expected.

"At first, it was a hard hit to the ego, after wanting to be the centre of every film. But now I can see the positive effects for my family in not having such long times away.

"And supporting characters are usually more interesting, because they are not the lead, they don't have to be sympathetic, realistic, likeable human beings."

15/05/2005 13:57