Former LAW + ORDER star Elisabeth Rohm is pregnant with a baby girl she plans to call EASTON. The actress realised she was expecting shortly after fiance Ron Wooster, an entrepreneur, asked her to marry him this summer (07). She recalls, "I went to the doctor, and they tested me and said 'You are pregnant' - and of course I screamed because it's a miracle for anyone." The 34-year-old tells America's Life + Style magazine, "I am so excited. I feel great. I've been sleeping 10 hours a day and eating truckloads of food on a daily basis. I'm eating fruit and yoghurt and granola and great vegetables." Rohm is due on 28 April (08) - and already has her baby's name sorted. But the happy news means wedding plans are off for the time being: "We postponed the wedding because it's really less important than having a great pregnancy, and weddings can be stressful." Rohm tells the publication that she and Wooster will now wed in The Hamptons, New York next September (08).