Elisabeth Moss would ''troll herself'' if she was on Twitter.

The 35-year-old actress uses Instagram as a platform to campaign for causes that matter to her, such as Planned Parenthood, and she admits she would find it ''too much work'' to also use the microblogging site as she struggles just to come up with captions for her pictures.

She said ''[Twitter] is just literally too much work.

''Do you know how long it takes me to come up with a caption? For a f***ing photo? I can't come up with a sentence.

''I'd end up trolling myself. I'd be like, 'That sounds dumb. You sound like an asshole. That's a lie.' ''

The 'Top of the Lake' star believes it is now more than ever for women to speak up about feminism and gender equality.

She said: ''That's what these times call for. I don't think you can stand in the middle. You can't be silent now. You have to make the choice.

''Maybe if we had done that a while ago, we wouldn't be in this position.

''[What was my wake-up call?] The possibility of Roe V. Wade (A 1973 case that triggered women's right to abortions) being overturned. As a naive young woman, I never thought that could happen.

''I always through, this is my right.

''That was a wake-up call for lots of women of my generation and it made me realise we have to actually own the word, be vocal and active.''

And Elisabeth has learned to speak her mind, especially when it's something she's wary of saying in the first place.

She told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: ''I have a bit of a personal rule that, if I'm scared to say something - especially to a man - I should probably say it.

''Once you try it a couple of times and realise nobody hates you and that they actually have more respect for you, it becomes easier to have a voice and speak up for your opinions.''