Elisabeth Moss will always feel Peggy Olsen is a ''part of'' her.

The 32-year-old actress is preparing to leave behind her 'Mad Men' alter ego as the show comes to an end after seven seasons, but she thinks her bond with the character will last forever.

She said: ''Peggy will always be part of me. Just like there's a lot of me in her. After nine years, she's almost like her own person.

''But when I did [miniseries] 'Top of the Lake,' I think I proved to myself that I could do other things, too. I'm 32. I've got a little time left.''

While Elisabeth is enjoying trying new things, she thinks her character will continue on the same career path until she retires.

She said: ''I can picture Peggy at 60, still working in advertising.

''That's what those people did. I hope she has fewer challenges. I hope she's happy.''

As the show has progressed, Peggy's prominence in the show has increased and Elisabeth insists she had ''no idea'' her role would grow so important.

She told the New York Daily News newspaper's Confidenti@l column: ''I had no idea. [Show creator] Matt Weiner says he kind of knew, but I think she must have become more prominent as the writing went along, maybe because of the chemistry between Peggy and Don Draper.

''Peggy had challenges no other character faced. She was trying to something no other character was -- being treated as an equal in a man's world.''

And the actress feels thankful she has never faced any of the struggles her character has.

She added: ''I've never faced the kinds of challenges Peggy did. I grew up in a progressive family and I've worked with a lot of women who have been supportive.

''I think if I found myself in a situation where I were taken less seriously because I'm a woman, that would stop pretty quickly.''