Elisabeth Moss ''doesn't really give a s**t'' about anyone who doesn't believe in women's rights.

The 'Mad Men' star is a ''staunch believer'' in equal rights for women in the movie industry and beyond.

She told the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine: ''I'm such a staunch believer in women's rights, I don't really give a s**t about anybody who isn't.

''It's like, I don't need them to watch the show. At a certain point, things are more important than your job.''

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old actress previously revealed she always gets the final say on her nude scenes.

She shared: ''I'm very particular about that kind of thing and I don't let anyone decide who's going to do what angles except for myself. Unless they would like to take their clothes off and be shot, then they can decide their angles.

''Everything that involves nudity I have 100 per cent approval, otherwise I don't do it. That way is actually better for the filmmaker, because you actually end up getting more than you would if you just ask the actor to take her clothes off.

''Jane [Campion; 'Top Of The Lake' director] said, 'You can have 100 per cent approval of every frame and anything you don't like will never be used'. She gave it to me. She really allowed me to have that voice. And I carried it over.''

And the blonde beauty knows there is an issue with the gender wage gap as she has been paid less than her male co-stars in the past.

She said: ''Have I experienced sexism like Peggy did in the 1960s? Of course not.

''But have there been times when I haven't made as much as a man? I'm sure. And it's a factual thing, not a matter of opinion. That's sexist.''