Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Bill Maher were always going to provide fireworks once they got together in the aftermath of a comment the comedian had made on his show, HBO's 'Real Bill Mather' about 'The View' presenter. Yet Maher's eventual appearance on 'The View' caused real friction, with Hasselbeck sniping at him at every opportunity during his segment on the show, whilst the other hosts looked increasingly exasperated as the tirade went on.
Entertainment Weekly reports that the 55 year-old had previously told a joke on air regarding CBS reporter Lara Logan who was assaulted whilst reporting on the Egyptian uprising in February, saying that on her return from the US the country should've sent Hasselbeck in her place. Perhaps understandably the 34 year-old was annoyed and attacked the comic, saying that she was speaking on behalf of women and that the joke wasn't funny. Defending himself and saying that he said the joke so as to stand on the edge of comedy, he was shot down with a retort "thanks for being the hero".
The rest of the show's presenters tried to move them on to other subjects, namely the Republican candidacy race, but even that yielded more tension as Maher commented "the Republican party doesn't care about knowledge," eventually leading an irate Hasselbeck to say "I actually feel smarter sitting next to you," only to be met with a curt "Really? I feel like I'm in high school sitting next to you". Zing.