Elijah Wood was left puzzled by Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson while shooting the fantasy trilogy - he couldn't believe the movie-maker's lack of interest in his appearance.

Wood worked with Jackson for almost two years in New Zealand on the acclaimed films, and was stunned to see how little care the film-maker took in his hair - which he "never" combed.

He says, "Occasionally he'd cut (his hair) and he'd cut it himself. He'd cut his hair when it would get a little too scraggly or too knotty. He'd cut it and then it would be short and unkempt.

"He also, when he eats, allows food to get stuck in his beard. You'll mention it and he'll say, 'No, it's good for later for a little snack!'

"He's amazing. He just doesn't care, which is wonderful. It's incredibly endearing."

12/03/2004 02:41