Elijah Wood is willing to miss out at next month's (FEB03) Academy Awards for his role in Lord Of The Rings, as long as director Peter Jackson gets a gong.

For two years running, the JRR TOLKIEN trilogy has missed out on the big gongs such as best picture, best actor and best director only wing OSCARS for cinematography, effects, make-up and music for THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING.

But this year, critics predict THE RETURN OF THE KING get the recognition it deserves - and Wood is keeping his fingers crossed.

He says, "I don't generally put any importance on the OSCAR. However, in this case, it has been such an incredible achievement for him (Jackson) and for everyone else involved.

"To have adapted these books and put them on film, they way he had, in the time that he has, is an incredible achievement and I think it needs to be recognised.

"More than anything, I think the symbolism of what it would mean to get an Oscar would be a special thing, after all this time. For the academy to acknowledge that these a re great films that have merit and aren't just fantasy films, would be important as well."

14/01/2004 21:40