Elijah Wood was initially less than convinced by his own character in GREEN STREET, as he plays a highbrow American student graduate who transforms into a hell-raising British soccer hooligan.

The screen heart-throb failed to see how he could believably portray a soccer thug, and had to shelve his bemusement at his role's transition in the film, which is being released in US cinemas as GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS.

He says, "I think maybe I was a little naive in the beginning, because I just saw it as a character.

"I didn't look at it in the context of the reality of that world, or how others would perceive an American being involved in that world, until I got to London.

"Then I realised that the very notion that a Harvard American would fall in with, and become a hooligan, and actually be respected for such, is pretty far fetched.

"I just played the character I was meant to play and make that transition as believable as I possibly could in the context of the story."