Elijah Wood has signed on to star in a remake of the hit TV show 'Wilfred'.

The actor will play ordinary nice guy Ryan, who attempts to win over his pretty neighbour but is faced with numerous problems from her pet dog Wilfred, as he makes his television debut on the new US remake of the Australian comedy series.

Ryan's difficulty to woo his love is worsened when he realises he's the only person who sees a human dressed up in a dog costume when he looks at the mongrel.

Executive producer David Zuckerman describes the animal as "part Labrador retriever and part Russell Crowe on a bender."

The Australian version of the comedy show has received rave reviews since it won a film competition, and funnyman Jason Gann will reprise his role as the dog.

Elijah and his co-stars will start filming the show in the next few months.