LORD OF THE RINGS star Elijah Wood is fuming after discovering he's not the only cast-member with the fabled gold band from the sci-fi trilogy.

Wood, who was given one of the bands used in the film, was furious when he discovered co-star Andy Serkis was also presented a replica ring by director Peter Jackson after reshooting some crucial scenes for the final film RETURN OF THE KING this year (03).

And now, in a move which mirrors the dramatic tussle between Wood's character FRODO and Serkis' creepy Gollum in second installment THE TWO TOWERS, the pair are planning to fight over the second trinket.

Co-star DOMINIC MONAGHAN says, "They gave Elijah the ring at the end of the first film and then they gave Andy Serkis the ring at the end of refilming this year and Elijah was really, really annoyed.

"Gollum and Frodo got one each - they have to fight for it."

Wood, Monaghan and fellow Hobbits Sean Astin and Billy Boyd also got to keep their fake feet from the three films.

30/09/2003 13:59