Elijah Wood found it difficult to get along with his Lord Of The Rings co-stars Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd when he first met them, because he didn't get their dry British humour.

Wood met the actors in 1999 when they began filming their trilogy of big-budget movies in New Zealand. And while they all declare themselves to be the best of friends now, Monaghan explains that Wood was a little apprehensive at first.

He says, "In America, it's about making people feel good. You know, it's like, 'Hey, good job man, good job.' Whereas in England, it's, 'You're a d**k.'

"I think when Elijah and SEAN (ASTIN) fist turned up in New Zealand, they didn't really know what was going on with us, because all Billy and I did as soon as we met each other was just f***ing take the p*** out of each other.

"Elijah used to get a little freaked out. He was like, 'I don't know if these guys like me.'"

03/12/2003 08:59