Elijah Wood can't wait for The Lord Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit to hit the big screen - despite vowing he won't star in it.

After the runaway success of Peter Jackson's fantasy trilogy, the New Zealand movie maker immediately revealed plans to bring JRR TOLKIEN's first novel - which focuses on FRODO BAGGINS' older cousin BILBO - to the big screen.

SIR Ian Holm played Bilbo in The Lord Of The Rings, but at 72 he is far too old to take on the hobbit in his younger years - and Wood couldn't bear playing another hobbit character.

The 23-year-old says, "I hope it gets done - it would be a nice little reminder of that world again.

"I wouldn't want to play Bilbo having already played Frodo - it would be strange for the fans and for me."

And he admits it will be a daunting prospect for any actor to take on: "I don't think you can out do Ian Holm's performance."

"Any actor would be afraid to approach the role after seeing what Ian Holm did with it as it truly is perfect."

07/06/2004 09:26