LORD OF THE RINGS star Elijah Wood is keen to avoid the fate that befell Mark Hamill after the acclaim given to the original Star Wars trilogy.

Elijah, 22, relates to the predicament of the Luke Skywalker actor - who never managed to replicate the success of the sci-fi character - but is determined to keep his career on the up.

He says, "There are a lot of factors why Mark Hamill got stuck in the Luke Skywalker zone, partially because of how massive that whole thing became and there hadn't quite been anything like it.

"Also because nobody knew who he was before. They were only able to associate him with that role."

And Elijah hopes selecting interesting roles will help him avoid being typecast as hobbit FRODO.

He says, "That's the main thing, continue to work and be perceived in a different light with different characters."

17/12/2003 02:07