LORD OF THE RINGS star Elijah Wood has resolved to stop biting his nails in 2004 - because he hated seeing his chewed up fingers in the trilogy's final film THE RETURN OF THE KING.

The actor, who plays hero hobbit FRODO BAGGINS in the films, rarely makes New Year's resolutions - but he's determined to stop biting his nails this year

He says, "I bit my nails while I was in New Zealand working on the movies and I've been biting them ever since and it's in the film. If you watch the movie and there are these tight shots of FRODO with The Ring you can see that he has no nails.

"They kind of let it go because they thought, 'Well, he's burdened by The Ring and maybe he'd bite his fingers.' Maybe it's a hobbit thing, and it's a hard hobbit to break.

"I got applause from SIR Ian McKellen for being a real man and showing my imperfections."

06/01/2004 21:35