Horror movie director Eli Roth got an early start in the genre by turning his Jewish Bar Mitzvah into a blood bath - his mum hired a magician to saw him in half.
The Hostel filmmaker was into gore and guts at an early age - and refused to take part in the traditional coming-of-age ceremony unless his parents helped him perform the stunt.
But Roth's extended family didn't get the joke when fake blood started pouring from the stage props, and they started screaming in horror.
He says: "I have cousins in Scarsdale (New York) who are still traumatised to this day from that Bar Mitzvah...
"He (the magician) actually looked at me before the trick and he goes, 'I've actually never done this before. This is a real saw. Seriously don't move around!' I was like, 'Oh my God! It's real, it's real!' But I actually remember the saw going through me and the sound of all my relatives screaming in horror and thinking, 'Wow, I'm a man now.'"