HOSTEL director Eli Roth and British filmmaker Edgar Wright are keen to take charge of the films for the Grindhouse sequel after making spoof trailers for the double movie flop. The pals hope to turn the trailers they made for Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse double bill into real films. Roth tells website, "I already talked with Edgar Wright about Edgar doing Don't and me doing Thanksgiving and we're talking to (film company) Dimension about it. "I think they're still trying to figure out Grindhouse 1 before we think about Grindhouse 2, but I've already been working on the outline for it and I would do it in a heartbeat." Roth admits he will understand if his plans for a Grindhouse 2 film are vetoed - because he accepts the first film wasn't the smash-hit success everyone thought it would be. He adds, "It was a long time at the movies for people. The movie itself was three hours and 15 minutes and then there's 20 minutes of trailers and then parking and everything. "It suddenly became a four-hour evening for people. So there's only so many times you can show it in a day and it was tough for people to find the time to see it. The people that saw it loved it. People were going crazy for it. "I think that 25 years from now, everyone will talk about the classic movie Grindhouse and the word's 'box office disappointment' won't even apply."