Director Eli Roth is hoping someone dies while watching his hit new torture film HOSTEL because it will be great publicity for the movie.

Cinema-goers have been passing out during the film, which features graphic torture scenes, but Roth remains disappointed nobody has died from a heart attack yet.

The movie-maker says, "I came out of one theatre and they told me, 'You missed it, there were ambulances and paramedics,' and I said, 'My God, are they alright?' and they said, 'Yeah, they're fine.' I was like, 'Dammit, we could have had two deaths.'

"It would have been so awesome, man. The Passion Of The Christ had a death. I want a death."

But Roth has seen his fair share of revolted movie fans, who have found the film tough to bear.

He adds, "In Orlando, a guy fainted in a stadium theatre. They had to stop the movie for 20 minutes, they carried him out on a stretcher.

"I was in Burbank (California) the other night and I was watching this really disgusting scene with an eyeball and this guy started heaving.

"He ran out and, in front of a line for all the people (waiting) for the midnight (screening), he was dry heaving and I'm just, like, the jackass there with my camera."