Actor/director Eli Roth has ditched plans to adapt author Stephen King's thriller CELL for the big screen.
The moviemaker had been linked to the project, about an artist who struggles to reconnect with his son after a strange cell phone network broadcast turns humans into vicious animals.
But Roth now reveals he's quit the film, citing creative differences with studio executives Harvey and Bob Weinstein.
However, Roth - who also stars in the Weinstein-backed Quentin Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds - insists the split was amicable.
He tells movie website, "I kind of quietly walked away from that one... There was just sort of a difference in opinion on how to make the film and what the story should be, and there's a different direction the studio wants to go with it.
"It was very friendly because it's the Weinsteins, they made Inglourious Basterds and we're all friends. I said, 'I'm not really interested in doing the film this way. You guys go ahead and I'm going to make my own films.'"
And Roth admits he only wants to work on future scripts he's penned himself: "I've also learned that I really am only interested in directing original stories that I write, that's another thing I learned through that whole process."