Filmmaker Eli Roth enjoyed making a fake movie trailer for recent double bill Grindhouse so much, he's decided to construct an entire film out of 20 or so promos. The Hostel director's Thanksgiving slasher trailer featured between Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror and Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. And now Roth is in negotiations to film 20 to 25 such trailers to be played back-to-back in new movie Trailer Trash, to be shot on a budget of circa $15 million (GBP7.5 million). He tells, "(I have) so many ideas for either like steak movies or just terrible films that I'll never make but that I think would be amazing trailers. "And filming it was so fun because you get the satisfaction as if you made a feature. Because everybody just comes out remembering the best parts anyway. So you feel like you made a whole movie. And it's all money shots. It's like cheating. Like I got to just film the best stuff. "I'm writing it with my brother, Gabe. And I have some other ideas that - like just movies and ideas and things... "We just have all these like kind of pet movies that we wish we could make one day that we probably never will. And now they can all become like great trailers in Trailer Trash."