GRINDHOUSE director Eli Roth has attacked George Clooney for "stealing his money" at the box office. The Clooney-starring Ocean's Twelve went head-to-head with Roth's Hostel in 2005 and there are sequels to both movies released in the summer (07). Although Hostel grossed $80 million (GBP40 million) worldwide, Roth is still bitter about the rivalry. He tells Empire magazine, "F**k it, they stole my money with Ocean's Twelve! Why am I paying George Clooney's mortgage? "Hey there's nothing in their movie that's going to be as horrific as Hostel Part Two. If you want to see people gamble, go see Ocean's Thirteen. If you want to see people gambling with their lives - and losing horribly - go see Hostel Part Two!"