CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL star JAY HERNANDEZ suffered nightmares while he was filming torture scenes in new horror movie HOSTEL because he couldn't get the film's gruesome images out of his head.

In the movie, the actor plays one of many young Americans who are lured into a hotel that doubles up as a torture playground and test facility for evil Russian Mafia bosses.

And he can understand why so many cinemagoers, who have caught test screenings of the film, are so disturbed by what they see because he had trouble shaking off the images himself.

Hernandez explains, "I was handcuffed to the metal chairs for one of the torture scenes and we were doing it over the course of three days.

"It was torturous. I had dreams that were tied into the movie. The dreams were kind of creepy because it was so appropriate to what my character was going through.

"I dreamed that I was in a hole, trying to get out, and seeing the light but not being able to reach it and slipping back into the hole."

The actor was able to get to the bottom of what his dreams meant because Hostel's director/writer Eli Roth's father is a psychologist and he was on hand to talk about his sleeping thoughts.