Eli Roth was traumatised by 'Alien' as a child.

The actor and director - who made his name making horror movies including 'Cabin Fever' and 'Hostel' - admits he was terrified of the Ridley Scott movie, which made him throw up when watching it.

He said: "It traumatised me. I actually threw up I was so nervous after I saw it but that's like the highest compliment you can give a horror film.

"Then, when I was 12, I saw 'Evil Dead' and that movie traumatised me too, but I also discovered that a 21-year-old Sam Raimi directed it, that you can go off in the woods with your friends and for not much money make a classic."

The 38 year old also admits the original 'Exorcist' movie left him suffering from nightmares for years after watching it.

He said: "'The Exorcist' felt so real. I'd never seen anything that horrifying. It scared me for years, I had nightmares for years as a child and had always wanted to be involved in an exorcism movie."