Director Eli Roth had a 41st birthday to remember after he and his pal Marilyn Manson were kicked out of a Los Angeles restaurant for attacking a pinata with a baseball bat.

The Hostel filmmaker celebrated the milestone last month (Apr13) by throwing a small bash in the private room of a popular restaurant and inviting his girlfriend and a few friends, including rocker Manson.

But Roth admits he and his guests didn't stay long after they caused a scene trying to crack open a pinata stuffed with candy.

He tells U.S. Tv host Jay Leno, "I celebrated it like a 14 year old. I just switched the numbers around. I woke up, my girlfriend made me a monkey cake, I had monkey cupcakes and then she bought me a giant stuffed pinata monkey, that I took to a restaurant... which is also this beautiful old wine cellar.

"At a certain point during the dinner we hung up the giant monkey pinata in the wine cellar and Marilyn Manson was there, with a baseball bat. The waiter came in and they saw me and the monkey and Marilyn Manson and the baseball bat, and I was like, 'No, no, (don't worry), this is totally (fine)... I'm really, really good at this.'

"And Manson's like, 'Don't worry, no wines are gonna get broken,' and they (the waiters) actually had to stop me. Then we went back to my house, where me and Marilyn Manson smashed the monkey pinata to pieces... My neighbours heard and saw and looked... (out the window) and I think they thought they were hallucinating."