Director Eli Roth faced a race against time to climb out of the ocean after he was bitten by an octopus in Hawaii - because sharks were circling the scene after picking up the smell of his blood.

The Inglourious Basterds star reached out to touch a baby octopus while scooter snorkelling with his girlfriend, but it nipped his finger and left Roth swimming in a pool of red.

Showing off his damaged right hand as he explained the injury during an appearance on U.S. programme The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he said, "Our guide was like, 'Look! There's an octopus!' So I look and there was a beautiful, baby octopus. So, naturally when I see an octopus I assume it's protecting sunken treasure and I reached out to touch it and the bastard bit me... And it started shooting this crazy ink.

"I looked and then I realised I was like Spider-Man and I was actually squirting ink back at the octopus, and then the scuba guide's like, 'That's not ink, that's blood, now we need to go because the sharks are coming,' so we had to get out."

It wasn't the first time Roth needed treatment after a sea trip - he was forced to undergo emergency surgery in 2009 after he was stung by deadly sea urchins in Mexico.