Horror movie maker Eli Roth is hoping male fans take advantage of his debut film CABIN FEVER - and use it to get ladies into bed.

The American filmmaker's hotly-tipped gorefest has delighted critics with its extreme terror, but Roth himself is banking on getting a more loved-up reaction.

He grins, "Horror movies are the best date movies. Period. In a romantic comedy, the guy's thinking, 'When do I put my arm around her? When do I make the move?'

"In Cabin Fever, I'm giving you a chance every two minutes to grab her hand, to grab her arm. to put her your head in her chest. Your date should be sitting on your lap for the last half-hour of this film.

"If you can't get laid after Cabin Fever, you're pathetic.

"Because afterwards someone always says, 'I'm really freaked out, I don't want to sleep alone.' And you invite her over, put on WILLY WONKA and close the deal.

"My ideal audience reaction would be if the theatre broke out into one big orgy and it was just a room full of f***ing and screaming and blood."

12/10/2003 10:08