Acclaimed singer/songwriter Eli 'Paperboy' Reed has been given a big career boost by Beyonce after she spotted his pitch-perfect acoustic rendition of her song Love On Top on

The aspiring Chicago, Illinois singer didn't expect the superstar to see the video he posted, let alone comment on it, but he's thrilled Beyonce took the trouble.

She took to her page to let Reed know she'd seen and heard him online, posting, "Yes, Eli! Thank you for your voice, it's beautiful." She also shared the video with her followers.

And the thrilled young star has responded, "I'm amazed and extremely flattered that Beyonce thought enough of my cover video to send it out to all her fans. I'm personally a huge fan of hers and of the song Love on Top, so to get recognition from the source is pretty unbelievable.

"If I had known in advance, I would have picked a different shirt to wear but I'm still pretty excited."