Kampouris, who plays the daughter of Nia Vardalos' character in the sequel, was brought up on the original 2002 movie, because her dad felt it would help her understand where she came from.

And when she learned she had won an audition, he had no doubt she'd get the role - because she was half-Greek.

"He is very proud and he raised me playing the first movie over and over, saying, 'This is the finest film of all filmmaking history. This is the movie and you should be in it!' Elena tells WENN.

"He actually said I would be perfect for this movie when I was little. So the pressure was on. Of course he finds out and says, 'Tell them you're Greek and they'll let you do the movie'. He didn't understand the process of five or six call backs and then the privilege of auditioning for Nia in person.

"When she told me I got the role I was balling my eyes out."

But Elena admits she didn't share her dad's optimism at first - because she doesn't look Greek: "Whenever I tell people I'm Greek nobody believes me because I have light hair and light eyes but we do exist. So I thought I didn't have a chance for this."