American rockers Electric Six have split up and reformed after three of the five original members quit the band.

Guitarists ROCK AND ROLL INDIAN, SURGE JOEBOT and bassist DISCO all quit - leaving singer DICK VALENTINE and drummer M as the only founding members.

But the band have already replaced the three with new musicians, NA$HINAL (corr), THE COLONEL and FRANK LLOYD BONAVENTURE - and the new line-up is already out on the road promoting their new single GAY BAR.

A statement from the band reads, "Your favourite band, Electric Six, on the eve of securing their second UK Top Five single with Gay Bar, can now officially announce, as bands tend to do on the eve of a second UK Top Five single, personnel changes.

"Not one, not two but three new members have joined the fold, replacing the same number who obviously have now left. This decision was made by all of the previous incarnation of the band on the eve of their last UK tour but has been kept under wraps until now."

09/06/2003 17:29