Rockers Electric Six have been exposed - the apparently amiable departure of three band members was actually rather bitter.

The DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE music-makers announced the departure of ROCK'N'ROLL INDIAN, SURGE JOEBOT and DISCO last week (ends13JUN03), but disgruntled former bassist Disco has spoken out this week (begs16JUN03) about his displeasure at the way the group parted.

Upset Disco has complained, "This 'pressures of success' jive is hilarious. And we're loathe to stand in the way of a good joke. We know what really happened, those guys know what happened, everyone close to the band knows what happened and everybody in Detroit now knows what happened. They can say whatever they want to the press. It's fine with us."

Avoiding the issue of confirming just what did happen, the fuming musician adds "Anyway, who knows? Maybe this new line-up will be interesting. Kiss was great after they took the make-up off. And we saw AXL's new CHINESE DEMOCRACY line-up on the telly and it was great. So who knows?"

19/06/2003 17:06