Eleanor Tomlinson has praised Jennifer Lawrence for paving the way for women in Hollywood.

The 24-year-old 'Poldark' actress is a huge fan of the Oscar-winner and says Jennifer, 26, has inspired Hollywood to create more leading roles for women, rather than just love-interest parts.

She told The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine: ''Jennifer has really opened up a whole category of films for women. There are now superhero movies fronted by women and I think directors generally are moving away from that stereotypical woman's role that is just about being flirted with by a man before falling into his arms.

''I'm not interested in being the damsel in distress; I want someone who has her own storyline and her own mission - not a woman who, to use a comedy term, is just there to provide the feed line to someone else's joke.''

And Eleanor also revealed that she has ruled out nude scenes because she believes ''there are things other people just don't need to see''.

She added: ''That's why I'm not on any kind of social media: I don't want people having an insight into my life. I don't want them knowing what I had for breakfast. And I don't want to hear from these faceless trolls who aren't brave enough to say things to people's faces. I've already read things saying that I'm 'too thin' and that I 'need to eat a burger', and I feel like saying: 'Actually, I just have.' ''