Britain's Queen Elizabeth saved a blind politician from accidently kissing her Elbow.

David Blunkett admitted he ''messed-up on the hand kissing'' during a meeting with the monarch but praised her for her discretion in saving the situation.

He told Radio Times magazine: ''I managed to mess up the hand kissing. Well, not quite because the queen saved the day, as No Doubt she has on so many occasions over the past 60 years. I had been pointed in the right direction to reach the cushion on which to kneel as to brush my lips across the queen's hand or rather pretend to.

''Unfortunately, I wasn't quite lined up and pointing in the right direction and was in danger of attempting to kiss the monarch's elbow. She very gently took my arm and pointed me in the right direction.''

David also praised the monarch for always making him feel like an equal.

He said: ''What is certain is that this lad from a council estate was always made to feel at ease with the queen and for that I am extremely grateful. In this, her Diamond Jubilee year, the whole nation should celebrate and be grateful for her 60 years of unstinting service and duty.''