Elbow frontman GUY GARVEY has slammed music download service iTunes for allowing music fans to download album tracks individually. The British singer doesn't want people to have the facility to download individual Elbow tracks unless the band authorises it. Garvey argues the practice of allowing fans to pay for any song they want is killing off the album format. He tells website GigWise.com, "Ultimately, iTunes is a device for selling hardware, MP3-playing hardware, so they should give the artists the freedom to lock their records if they want and it's something that I'm personally gonna see if I can make happen because it's f**king important. "It's not the buying thing either, it's not like I want GBP7.99 ($16) (for an album) not 79p ($1.60) (for a single track). I'd rather people ripped the whole thing for free than got the individual tracks for 79p each, you know what I mean. "There's no point in doing what we do (otherwise)."