Elbow's new album is inspired by New York.

The group's frontman Guy Garvey spent six weeks in Manhattan to get ideas for sixth LP 'Carry Her Carry Me' and admits some of his lyrical ideas came from conversations he overheard.

He said: ''Walking around New York I feel like my antennae are up. My ears are open for snatches of beautiful conversation/

''In Manhattan, it just feels like all the time, any second, somebody's going to utter that thing that changes the world.''

The group spent two weeks working on the early stages of the album at Real World Studios and Guy says being in isolation was exactly what they needed to give them a creative push.

He told Q magazine: ''It's the least aptly-named studio in the world. Real World? Is it f**k. But when you're there, you get six months work done in two weeks.

''To go and live and breathe your record without the distractions of the rest of life, you make creative decisions you would not have made at home.''

The 'Grounds for Divorce' singer is excited about the record and admits that, unlike keyboard player and producer Craig Potter, he can't hide his emotions.

He said: ''When the blood's up, Craig will be almost infuriatingly rational. Whereas if I'm excited about a tune, I'm as likely to throw my trousers down and yell out the window.''