Rockers Elbow have no plans to perform their special Olympics song during their headlining set at Britain's Latitude music festival on Saturday (14Jul12), insisting the track is purely for the summer sporting extravaganza.
The band landed the honour of writing the theme tune for the Bbc's TV coverage of London 2012, and they came up with an epic entitled First Steps.
However, fans of the group won't be hearing the song live because Elbow are refusing to play it at their shows.
Keyboard player Craig Potter tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "We didn't want it to be confused with a regular Elbow song so we've got other voices on there. The song is about the Olympic spirit, not Elbow, so we won't play it live.
"(Frontman) Guy (Garvey) had really strong ideas about capturing the spirit of all the athletes taking part, not just the gold medal winners."