Elbow have previewed a minute long clip of their new track 'First Steps' that will be featuring on the Bbc coverage of the forthcoming London Olympics that begins at the end of the month. The preview was as part of the Bbc's own preview of their opening montage that'll launch their coverage each day, with a fuller version coming at the end of the week and is the first evidence of the work they were commissioned to do for the games back in November.
Talking to the NME, the band's keyboardist Craig Potter described the task as a "massive thing" and went on to add "The closer the Olympics get, the more exciting it is and the more we realise what a massive thing it is to be asked to do that. So many people are going to hear it and it's going to be in the background of some momentous events, so we're really proud of it."
Potter then went on to drop some hints about their next album - to be their sixth in the studio - and said "With the next album, we're a little bit in there. We've got about ten ideas we're going to work on and they're sounding pretty good." He admitted it was still at a formative stage though, adding "There's no title or release date yet, we're just knocking around idea and seeing where it's going. It's quite groove-based initially and there are more guitars than we would usually do, but things always change."