Review of Fugitive motel. 27th October (V2 Music) Single by Elbow

Elbow - Fugitive motel
Elbow - Fugitive motel. 27th October (V2 Music) - Single Review


Fugitive motel

27th October

(V2 Music)

This Bury quintet ooze sincerity, fronted by the affable and unassuming Guy Garvey who has been quoted as saying: "It's not very fashionable to give a shit about anything". It is that sort of poignancy and succinctness that makes Elbow so compelling. This track from their impressive second album “Cast Of Thousands” shows the influence of Coldplay and Doves, with melodiously murky instrumentals.

Music - Elbow - Fugitive motel. 27th October (V2 Music) - Single Review

Guy’s passionately sung poetic lyrics are bound to melt more hearts than a dozen roses on Valentines Day:

“I blow you a kiss, It should reach you tomorrow

As it flies from the other side of the world.”

It could not be more apparent from this song that Elbow care. It is now well documented that it took them ten years to get their first album ‘Asleep in The Back’, so it is refreshing to know that they have faith in what they do and are not going to stop caring. Thus it is more than likely that they will continue to keep producing timeless and heartfelt songs.

David Adair