Broadway star Elaine Stritch is facing legal action from a disgruntled writer who alleges he's yet to receive payment for working on her 2001 one-woman show.
The actress took to the New York stage for Elaine Stritch at Liberty, a musical that ran for 15 months and earned the 84 year old her first Tony Award.
But John Lahr claims he is still waiting to be rewarded for helping to turn her life story into a stage show - and he's suing Stritch to get hold of his money.
He recently filed suit at Manhattan Supreme Court after failing to settle the dispute out of court.
Lahr's lawyer Carl Koerner says, "We had hoped to resolve it amicably. John Lahr is a writer and a very prestigious one. It's never been his goal in life to be a plaintiff."
However, Stritch is denying the accusations, insisting the show would never have been a success if it wasn't for Lahr's writing talent.
When asked if she had snubbed Lahr, she tells the New York Post, "Noooo! He made it possible for me to do my show, so I'm indebted to him for life. I have nothing bad to say about him... He's a brilliant audience and he brought out the best in me..."
Lahr is suing for unspecified damages, restitution, and a 20 per cent share of the profits from the play.