LATEST: Scottish rocker Edwyn Collins is winning his battle against the deadly MRSA superbug, contracted during his hospital recovery from life-saving surgery after two near-fatal brain haemorrhages.

The A GIRL LIKE YOU singer, who fronted Orange Juice in the 1980s, suffered the first of two cerebral haemorrhages on 20 February (05) and was reported to be "out of immediate danger" in March (05).

But Collins was left fighting for his life at North London's Royal Free Hospital on Tuesday night (03MAY05) after his operation wound became infected with the antibiotic-resistant infection - known as the Methicillin Resistant Staphlococcus Aureus - which is often acquired in dirty hospitals.

But his wife Grace Maxwell insists he is recovering well: "Edwyn does have MRSA and has had it for a few weeks. He has turned the corner and is now doing absolutely fine.

"He contracted it in the wound site as a result of the operation, but he received treatment and has come along brilliantly. "He has had further surgery to remove the infected tissue and is fighting back, just as he has done all along."

06/05/2005 02:41