British singer-songwriter Edwyn Collins is struggling to get through live shows after suffering two strokes - because he can't always remember his lyrics.
The former Orange Juice frontman suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2005 and almost died, and now he's cautiously going back out on the road again with fellow Scot Roddy Frame of Aztec Camera.
And he admits there are many fan favourites that he can no longer perform - because he simply cannot remember them.
Collins tells Britain's The Observer, "After my stroke I'd lost all the songs I ever wrote. I could recognise them as mine when I heard them on stereo but I couldn't remember any lyrics.
"That took ages, writing them out and relearning all the phrasing."
Collins admits he's current struggling with dysphasia, a disorder that leaves him struggling to find words: "I'm fighting to get language back. I used to have all the beautiful words but they've gone now."
During a recent London show the frail star sat at the front of the stage for the concert and then was guided from the stage by a care giver.