Scottish pop star Edwyn Collins is celebrating victory over his former record label WARNER MUSIC GROUP after a long battle over the rights to his most famous hit A GIRL LIKE YOU.
Warner's bosses banned Collins from streaming the song on his MySpace page, alleging they owned its copyright.
Collins - who has only recently returned to the stage after suffering a cerebral haemorrhage back in 2005 - disputed the claim and joined forces with his manager/wife Grace Maxwell to take on the music giant.
Warner executives have backed down, but Maxwell is furious the label was able to stake a claim over a song it never owned.
In a posting on her husband's official website, she writes, "Whaddaya know? After 30 odd fruitless emails, 'A Girl Like You' is now available in full on the MySpace player!
"Warner Music Group has no connection with Edwyn whatsoever and yet they are still corporately arrogant enough to steal Edwyn's copyright and God knows what else from others."
And she's not giving up her war with Warner, adding, "If the shoe was on the other foot they'd have been down on us like a ton of bricks. The next time a major tries to take anyone to court for copyright infringement, I'm volunteering my services as a witness for the defence."